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LD905 - DRL LED 905HP

jūsu jautājums

kods: LD905, 5901508511669

min-pakete: 1 X pcs

€ 35.00

gatavs nosūtīšanai


The lamps of 900 Premium series owe their huge popularity to the best quality / price ratio and a minimal failure rate.

LD905 lamps are the most compact and best-selling model of the new series. It was created using modern technologies used by leading manufacturers of automotive lighting. Osram Opto Semiconductors LEDs, placed on top of the lamp, produce a strong light of cool white color, which is reflected from the mirror on the back of the lamp. This solution gave very good illumination of the lamp, and in consequence, a large amount of light. Additional advantages of the product are the best materials they are made off, a fuse mounted on the power cord and vent regulating pressure and temperature of the lamp. The perfection of so many details ensured safe operation and a long life of LEDs, which reaches up to 100,000 hours of driving. External control unit, responsible for controlling the turning on and off of the lights, supports the voltage 9-32V typical passenger cars.

Lamps are approved for use on the roads throughout the European Union. The approval is stamped on the lens of the lamp.

Product benefits:

- The best quality / price ratio
- Trouble-free after-sales service - no complaints
- Universal size
- top quality materials
- E-mark

The set includes:

•2 lamps, 4 LED Osram Opto Semiconductors
•Mounting elements
•Mounting instruction
•Packaging with barcode


Dimensions: lenght: 127mm, width: 31mm,
depth 22mm,
Colour: Super White
Number and type of LEDs: 4x LED
Voltage: 9-32V
External Control Box
E-mark: E4
Symbol: LD905