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LSO16 - LED SET M-TECH Platinum H11

jūsu jautājums

kods: LSO16, 5901508541550

min-pakete: 1 X pcs

€ 56.50



LED set PLATINUM series
A kit designed to convert the original yellow light to LED lighting. The Platinum series is distinguished, above all, by a number of unconventional solutions, which confirm its outstanding quality. Osram LEDs (Osram Oslon Square Flat 3030) used in this product provide enormous efficiency from every single watt of power while maintaining proper thermal values. Heat is dissipated in the most efficient way based on the Heat Pipe technology, bypassing the PCB. This means that the heat is dissipated directly from each diode through the cooper core to the aluminium stripe-style heat sinks.The use of modern SMT machines allows for precise assembly and placement of LEDs, which visibly improves the durability of the set. In addition, each set has an advanced microprocessor control electronic system. There are also appropriate safety features and a starting voltage control system to ensure safe and failure-free operation.

- innovative technology of LED assembly
- aluminum stripe-style heat sinks (passive cooling)
- cooper core for improved heat dissipation
- electromagnetic compatibility
- strong, efficient OSRAM LEDs (Osram Oslon Square Flat 3030)
- compact housing for easier installation
- detachable base collar
- simple installation without interfering with the electrical system

Designation: 5202 H16
Power: max. 40W/set
Voltage: 9-32V
Lumen: max. 5200lm
LED type: Osram Oslon Square Flat 3030
Color temperature: up to 5700K
Cooling: passive
Housing: aluminum
Lifespan: up to 30 000h