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KACSMPH18 - Xenon set M-Tech SLIM BASIC AC H1 8000K

jūsu jautājums

kods: KACSMPH18, 5901508506573

min-pakete: 1 X pcs

€ 38.00

nav noliktavā


M-Tech Basic Slim HID AC set

The set includes:
- 2x M-Tech xenon HID bulb
- 2x PHCS slim ballast
- complete wiring
- fixing elements
- manual

Complete kit that allows the conversion of standard halogen lighting into xenon HID. The semiconductor-transistor technology used in PHCS ballasts makes the kit a perfect compromise between analog and digital M-Tech ballasts.This set is most suitable for vehicles manufactured up to 2006, as it does not cause the "bulb out" error in them. Full voltage stabilization prevents strobe (flickering) effects and sudden light shutoffs, and the applied filters eliminate interference with CB and FM radio.
M-Tech Basic Slim sets obtain exceptionally good results in durability tests, and they are also characterized by a very low complaint failure rate. Their distinctive compact size allows to install them even under the tighest hoods. Installation of the kit is very simple and doesn't require any interference with the electrical system. It can be also easily re-installed in another car at any time.
*In most cars such a filter functions perfectly well, however there are installations that are very susceptible to electromagnetic waves. Please contact us to resolve the issue if it ever occurs.